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Invention Convention

Invention Convention


September 2019


Castlebay Lane Elementary School recently hosted an Invention Convention workshop.  The workshop allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the Invention Convention and the Invention / Engineering process.  In the spring, Castlebay Lane plans to conduct an Invention Fair in which students will showcase their inventions.


The goals of the Invention Convention are to:


  • Increase the return on investment on STEM and Entrepreneurship by more effectively bridging these disciplines, with a stronger and more innovative collective outcome
  • Instill problem-identification, problem-solving, entrepreneurship and creativity skills for life to inspire young people to become innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs over the course of their K-12 careers.
  • Activate STEMIE (STEM + Invention + Entrepreneurship) education through competitions, events, and a flexible, project-based curriculum aligned to education standards.
  • Showcase the innovative thinkers from among hundreds of thousands of young people who compete at various levels across the U.S. and from countries around the world.


Value of Invention Education

In today’s rapidly changing world, proficiency in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) matters more than ever. Yet, as important as STEM may be, business decision makers, government leaders and educators are realizing that students’ future success may depend on learning something more.Together with STEM learning or on its own, Invention Education empowers young people to develop the skills and self-confidence they need to identify and solve real-world problems and make informed choices about their future careers.

Why is it important?

At the heart of Invention Convention Worldwide is STEMIE learning, which recognizes the foundational skills that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math create in combination with Invention and Entrepreneurship learning. STEMIE education prepares students for the needs of the 21st century economy, creating critical thinkers and problem solvers and empowering a new generation of innovators.

What’s in it for students?

Students gain a new and innovative mindset for life. Along the way, they become part of a global ecosystem that allows them to gain new skills, friendships, recognition and perspectives.