Castlebay Lane's playground


The whole student council election went through a multitude of steps. First, each 5th grade class held an election in their classrooms to see who would run for President and Vice President. Within the first week, these elected students had to make campaign videos (at school), speeches and posters to hang. They then needed to submit all these to Mrs. O'Rourke or Mrs. Millan for revisions if necessary. The students then hung their posters around the school. On Friday, September 20th, all K-5 students watched campaign videos in the PAC or in their classrooms (the videos and speeches can be found at TK - 3rd grade then sent votes to Mrs. O'Rourke that counted as electoral college votes based on the campaign videos. Fourth and fifth graders had to register to vote. Only registered voters got sample ballots that they took with them in order to vote on election day.  On September 24th, the candidates then presented their speeches to all fourth and fifth graders and then voted at their recess or lunch. The students all voted on iPads. There were volunteer workers who checked in the registered voters and passed out "I voted" stickers. 
The students that did not win are on the president's cabinet. They are Evan Hull, Gabe Degl'Innocenti, Sarina Christian, Emily Chivchiyan, and Derik Hovsepian.
After the election, the first student council lunch meeting was held to decide which additional students will be included in student council as the house of representatives (2 students were picked from each class). The class representatives were decided upon based on their self-nomination essay by the presidential cabinet, Mrs. O'Rourke and Mrs. Millan.
What a wonderful learning experience for all our students! Great job!
Source: Jamie Millan