David Price - Principal
Donna Blankenship (UTLA representative)
Pat Lingard (TK/K/1 Teacher Representative)

Kathryn Mix (2/3 Teacher Representative)

Stacy O’Rourke (4/5 Teacher Representative)

Jessica DeBerry (Alternate Teacher Representative)
Monica Weil, (Teacher- GATE/ELD Representative)

Michelle Van Der Wel - (Teacher Alternate)
Nadine Abukurah (PATH Representative)
Kelly Ficklin (Parent Representative)

Michael Taitz (Parent Representative)
Shawn Hasas (Parent Representative)

Lorraine Womack (Parent Representative)

Dawn Pattison (Classified Representative)



Governance Information


Board Member Role

  • Ensures we have direct involvement of parents and teachers in the process of implementing the plan outlined in our Charter
  • Oversees the administration of school charter
  • Oversees allocation of categorical block grant resources
  • Sets policies and procedures to achieve the school’s goals
  • Serves in an advisory capacity



  • Local Control and Accountability Plan (July 2014)
  • Bylaws
  • Charter
  • Original PowerPoint Presentation (August 2013)