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Student Information Packet

Castlebay Lane Charter Elementary  
Student Information Packet  
The following forms are documents that the school and/or district require  parents 
or caregivers of each student  to review, sign and return. The documents make
you aware of all school's policies and also allow the school to contact you in case 
of emergency. Please make this a priority and return all printed and signed   
copies of each required document listed below ASAP.    
Document  Documents to be reviewed Documents to be Signed and Returned  
Student Emergency Contact Form X X  
Responsible Internet Use Policy X X  
Student Housing Questionnaire X X  
Parent-Guardian Publicity Authorization X X  
School Policy Acknowledgement Form X X  
School Rules X    
Dress Code X    
Financial Responsibility for Damaged School Property X    
Traffic and Safety Rules X    
Traffic Flow Map X    
School Attendance Guide X