Castlebay Lane's playground


To begin the assembly, the students watched a short video on the effects of climate change and what it is doing to our planet.
Then, Mrs. Van Der Wel's and Mrs. Blankenship's 3rd grade classes showed us through video and posters the three different ways to compost, a brief history on when composting began and what can and can not be used in a composting bin.
Mrs. Waitley's and Mrs. Teplin's 4th grade classes showed us through video and posters different ways they feel we can combat climate change. They came up with ways to reduce fossil fuels in cars, a creative way to replenish trees, alternatives to using trees for paper, ways to save water and where we get renewable energy.
Mrs. Millan's, Mrs. O'Rourke's and Mrs. Horosny's 5th grade classes then closed out the assembly by showing projects they made out of recycled materials. They came up with some really creative ideas. The students made magic bracelets, water purifiers, a volcano, jewelry box, mini greenhouse, plant holders, beach tote, and a portable fish tank to name a few.
It was really amazing what the students were able to come up with.