Castlebay Lane's playground


The performances began with Mrs. Millan's 5th grade class, who gave us their rendition of Special Delivery,.Next up were Mrs. Lague's and Mrs. Rosenberg's 3rd grade classes who sang Holiday Lights with flashlights lighting up the room, Marshmallow World in which they jammed with inflatable guitars and Hip Hop Jingle Bells that they danced to around the stage and in the aisle.  Our Kindergarteners came up next. They looked absolutely adorable in their hats and scarves with Up! Up! Up!, Things I'm Thankful For, and the Pinata Song.  Mrs. Van Der Wel's, Mrs. Tellalyan's, and Mrs. Blankenship's third grade classes sang The Little Drummer Boy, Jingle Bells in English and Armenian and a Hannukah song. Our fifth grade wrapped up the show by singing December in America, and When the Lights All Shine while wearing white gloves that glowed in the dark. We give thanks to all the teachers and especially to Mrs. Kyung Lee, our Music Teacher, who helped organize this event. The PAC was decorated with artwork from both Kindergarten and Third Grade, and beautiful snowflakes hanging from the walls and ceiling made by our Fifth Grade. It looked so festive.