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Grade 2nd-5th grade spelling bee winners
During the month of February, we held weekly grade level spelling bees for grades 2-5. On Friday, 3/11/22, we honored them by handing out medals for each 1st - 3rd grade winner in each of those grades. The winners are as follows: 5th grade - 1st - Makaia Mendoza, 2nd - Hunter Tien, 3rd - Nicholas Melik-Avakian; 4th grade - 1st - Varun Sunil, 2nd - Prayag Bista, 3rd - Stella Galyan; 3rd grade - 1st - Anahita Ray, 2nd - Mary Agaikyan, 3rd - Jenelle Regalado; and 2nd grade - 1st - Annabel Su, 2nd - Noah Yoo, 3rd - Ekam Dhanju. Congratulations to all of you for a job well done.